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Fic: In the Span of a Heartbeat

Needed to get some angst out of my system so here is a very very short story.

Title: In The Span of a Heartbeat
Author: Moonshayde
Season: Three
Category: Angst
Spoilers: Forever in a Day
Pairing/Character: Teal'c
Summary: Teal'c's reflections as he decides to commit the act that could end his friendship with Daniel.
Warning: Minor character death.
Rating: PG-13

Author's Notes: Little Teal'c ficlet. If you can even call it that, it's so short. Angsty; blame Evanescence. I just felt like writing something for Teal'c, since I don't see much out there for the big guy :)

Disclaimer: Stargate, Stargate SG-1 and all of its characters, titles, names, and back-story are the property of MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions, SciFi Channel, and Showtime/Viacom. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be printed anywhere without the sole permission of the author. Realize this is for entertainment purposes only; no financial gain or profit has been gained from this fiction. This story is not meant to be an infringement on the rights of the above-mentioned establishments


A kak'til may sing its song
A warrior may stand and fall
All in time with the beating of one's heart

The moment had finally come; the day that Teal'c had dreaded for the past three years had come to pass.

He had long imagined this day, and all of its consequences, hoping that if there were true gods in this universe, they would come forth and prove to him there was hope. He wished that something, or someone, beyond his will and strength would change what could not be changed.

But no gods, whether false or true, could intervene and take this burden away from him. Fate was now in his hands; he was free to make his choice.

Freedom. What any Jaffa truly wants and desires, found even in the bloodied souls of the hardest warriors. Freedom to live. Freedom to be. Freedom to choose.

Yet, he had no choice. Not now. There was no decision to be made.

Today would mark the end of his friendship and brotherhood with Daniel Jackson.

Stepping forward, Teal'c aimed his staff weapon, his gaze only flickering once to the kneeling, tortured body of his friend. Clamping down on his anger, he ignored the sadness he felt for the woman known as Sha're, and channeled his fury to face the demon Amaunet in her cruelest form.

The cool metal of his staff brought Teal'c no comfort.

He had done this. Teal'c had created the nightmare that haunted Daniel Jackson both day and night. As First Prime of Apophis, Teal'c had committed atrocities that even he could not bury forever, but the act he would commit now…

He knew he would be forced to confront Daniel Jackson each day, and he would see the death reflected in his eyes every time they stood together.

He would relive this moment every day of his life.

Without hesitation, Teal'c fired the staff weapon, terminating the life of Sha're.

In that moment, in the span of a heartbeat, he watched numbly as Sha're fell, the glow of Amaunet snuffled like the light of a candle. Her ribbon device no longer held power and it deactivated, freeing Daniel Jackson from its hold. His friend moaned, weakened from his brush with death, and collapsed to the ground.

Teal'c remained silent in his living hell, observing as Sha're gasped for air as she lie dying on the dusty floor. Daniel Jackson, despite his injuries, scrambled toward her, resting by her side.

The hurt, the pain, and the desperation flowed like water from a fountain between them, as they exchanged their final vows of love, in this moment, in the span of a heartbeat.

Teal'c disengaged his staff weapon, and quietly came to kneel behind Daniel Jackson. He knew that it was over. Daniel Jackson would never look upon him again. He would no longer instruct him in the ways of the Tau'ri. He would no longer stand by his side and do battle against the Goa'uld.

Teal'c would miss these moments with his friend, his brother.

No simple token could erase the pain that weighed so heavily on his heart. For Teal'c, a certain part of himself died this day.

In this moment.

In the span of a heartbeat.
Tags: fic: sg-1/sga gen

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