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Big Bangs and Other Things

I went ahead and signed up for the Supernatural gen Big Bang. I don't know why. I do stupid things. I have the wing!fic I need to get posted. I have a Dean POV side story for Under the Blood Red Moon (Fate Comes for Him) that I promised meg_tdj, and I have enough other things to keep me busy.

It was a week ago or two I signed up? I blame lack of SPN for my insanity *sigh*

I've retired most of my ideas, as I do once too much time has passed since I first thought them. Canon becomes weighted and I lose the spark. But Meg gave me a couple of suggestions and I may have settled on one.

If I wasn't stupid enough to do that, I also agreed to one of the prompts at hoodie_time. Someone needs to keep me away from the internets.

Smallville and Supernatural return tonight!
Tags: tv: supernatural discussion/meta

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