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Supernatural 6x14: Mannequin 3 The Reckoning

So tonight's episode...

It doesn't happen often, but tonight's episode didn't do much for me. It was all over the place and SPN isn't usually this bad when it comes to storytelling. I'm disappointed, but not overly upset. This show rarely has clunkers. Tonight just happened to be one of them.

It had it's bright moments. I thought they handled the Lisa and Dean stuff (with Ben and Dean interaction, finally!) in a very respectful and mature way. I've never been a fan of Dean/Lisa, but I was never one who hated them either. I was more invested in Dean and Ben, which never was explored the way I had hoped. But I was ready for the story to come to a close. Who knows. Maybe Dean will end up with her again someday, but if this is the end of that story then I'm okay with it.

The actual plot part of the story wasn't well done. I like the idea of possessed dolls and possessed!Impala again, yay! But wow, the writing for the plot side of this story didn't work at all, LOL. They finally got somewhere really cool and interesting with the possessed kidney, and they chickened out by having the woman get accidentally killed. Come on, SPN. You can do better than that!

The Sam and Dean scene that began and ended the episode were gold. I loved those scenes. I just wish the possessed mannequin plot had been stronger. Sam was great and did fine. It was the story that was meh. *pats him* It's okay. You got an awesome plot last week.

Looking forward to seeing what next week brings!
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