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01 April 2011 @ 10:48 pm
What Would You Like?  
For several months I've posted sporadically, and while there are a lot of factors in play, I think it also has a lot to do with:

(a) Not wanting to come online to deal with drama
(b) Not feeling like I have anything interesting to talk about

I am notorious for assuming that my topics are boring so why bother to discuss at all?

So I'm just asking in general, what would you like to see more of here? What do you look for in an LJ?

I'm not trying to change myself or impress. Just looking to see what people are interested in. Maybe it's something I've been meaning to post but never bothered to do so.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Seisachtheiaclaudiapriscus on April 2nd, 2011 05:26 am (UTC)
Well, I like seeing things about what other people are watching/reading (tv shows, books, fic recs, whatever), and their take on things going on, and stuff in their lives, and their reactions to SPN or whatever.

And fic :)

(Also: if you need more to do on LJ, you should totally join the farscape watch/rewatch. ;-P)
Working for the Mandroidmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 06:38 pm (UTC)
I haven't posted about books in a while.

I should get back to some of my academic postings. I used to talk about all kinds of things that interested me.

I know I eased up on the fandom stuff because the fandoms I am in got to very annoying. But I still post about stuff when I feel like it.

I really need to get the fic going again. Bah.

I saw your posts about the Farscape rewatch. I, sadly, have the unpopular stance of not liking that show very much, heh. I watched it a couple of years ago and overall didn't really click with me. I have the Peacekeeper Wars still to watch. I did like Ben Browder and Claudia Black in it, though.
Seisachtheiaclaudiapriscus on April 2nd, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
Bummer! Oh well:)
{red wine and ambien, you're talking shit again}: Leverage//Eliot// <3powerof3 on April 2nd, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)
I'm interested in you as a whole, so whatever you post is fine with me. I enjoy your writing, I like reading about your adventures in teaching, and I like knowing what's going on with you in general. Following you on LJ makes it easier to stalk keep up with you.

I know I don't comment a lot and for that I'm sorry. I just don't always have the energy to make words into sentences at the end of the day, haha. ♥
Working for the Mandroid: Dean Light Closeupmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
When I am famous, you can be my official stalker. We'll make that your role.

I don't comment much either, so I'm not casting any stones ;)
Invisible Friend: rosesel1ie on April 2nd, 2011 10:35 am (UTC)
Most times I check my flist when I stop for a morning coffee and reading everyone's entries makes me feel like everyone pops by to say hello, sometimes they come with stories, news items, tales of pets and kids who chatter, funny, strange or interesting vids, what they're listening to right now, a picture or two they've taken, maybe just wanting to talk about something that's upsetting them or sharing a particularly bad day.

I don't always feel like chatting, but I don't feel anyone has to post something specifically 'interesting', posts that just say "'morning flist, how are you all today?" will always make me smile. So, if you ask me what I look for in having a livejournal account? That would be you, just being you.
Working for the Mandroid: crossroadsmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 07:20 pm (UTC)

Like I said, it's more of a censoring myself deal. I know I keep doing it, and I'm trying to break out of it.
A.vella_amor_dm on April 2nd, 2011 10:41 am (UTC)
i like hearing whatever you want to post about. i don't always have something to say to your posts, but i read every single thing :)
Working for the Mandroid: Dean Graveyardmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 07:11 pm (UTC)
I never expect people to feel like they have to comment. I do a lot of the same myself :)
anna_sg1anna_sg1 on April 2nd, 2011 12:18 pm (UTC)
I like to read about fandom-y stuff, reviews/thoughts/meta/fics/graphics about the shows/movies/books we both like.

That's how I usually friend other people or get friend requests - coz we share some of these likes and/or dislikes.

But as we know each other, I do get interested in their personal life and general goings on (and they into mine I think).
Working for the Mandroid: Castiel Sweptmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 06:49 pm (UTC)
That's generally how I feel. I love talking to people, and you can have some great conversations with so many different personalities :)
Autumn Dandelionautumndandelion on April 2nd, 2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
I like reading whatever you like posting about.

= D

Happy Birthday!
Working for the Mandroid: Arrestedmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the b-day wishes!
ldyanneldyanne on April 2nd, 2011 02:40 pm (UTC)
I think it kind of depends on why I've friended someone on LJ. Some journals I've just friended for the fic. Some journals I've friended because they're someone I knew somewhere else and I miss them (like you ;-) I know I don't comment a lot on your posts, but I always read them and think good thoughts for you.

That being said, your journal is what you want it to be. You should post what makes you happy, what you're thinking about, what you want to share.
Working for the Mandroid: archaeologistmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 06:45 pm (UTC)
Oh absolutely. No one should try to make their own place something it isn't meant to be.

I just brought it up because I often go to post and then just don't bother.
ldyanneldyanne on April 2nd, 2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know what you mean. Many times I'll write the whole post and then only post it to me or just erase it.
aelfgyfu_meadaelfgyfu_mead on April 2nd, 2011 04:24 pm (UTC)
I want to see what you want to say. When I don't hear from you for a while, I do occasionally wonder, but I try not to poke people when they're not posting in case I annoy them. I friended you for fandom, but I've gotten to know a lot more about you than that, and now I'm not even in the same fandoms you are! And that's ok.
Working for the Mandroid: AoT Teal'cmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
You have to be a real jerk to annoy me. As most people know, I put up with a lot more than I should, heh.

I figured I'd put this out there since I'm the type who will like, oh yeah! I've got to post this to LJ! And then when I pull LJ up, I'm like meh. Moment's over and I never post.
aelfgyfu_meadaelfgyfu_mead on April 2nd, 2011 06:34 pm (UTC)
And then when I pull LJ up, I'm like meh. Moment's over and I never post.
I've had a lot of those myself lately.
MegTDJ: SPN - Dean sword strainmeg_tdj on April 2nd, 2011 06:24 pm (UTC)
I'm interested in YOU. And amusing typos. Do more of those. :P
Working for the Mandroid: Knight Downmoonshayde on April 2nd, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
Wait, did I make some in this post? Now I am all paranoid!
MegTDJ: SPN - Gen you're strangemeg_tdj on April 2nd, 2011 06:28 pm (UTC)

But sadly no. DO MORE!!
Banana Cave: Animals: Fly Awaybanana_cave on April 3rd, 2011 07:34 am (UTC)
I read LJ sporadically now. I will read anything you post. I don't care what it is. :-)
Working for the Mandroid: Castiel Sweptmoonshayde on April 20th, 2011 01:13 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks.

I don't use it as much as I used to either. I get sick of the whining and complaining - including my own whiny posts - that I've scaled back a bit.

Just wanna have fun!