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Supernatural Interview

I read part of an interview with Robert Singer, one of the exec producers of the show. I skimmed it fast because I wasn't sure if it had spoilers or not, but I did stop on part of it where he talked about episodes they would like to do someday if they could ever find a decent story for it.

I am putting it under the cut in case you consider that a spoiler.

He talked about how two episodes they've been thinking about for a while were an animated/cartoon episode and a musical.

I stopped right there. Whaaa?

Now, so far SPN has given us episodes like being sucked into TV shows and "alternate realities" where the characters are actors/comedic versions of themselves. And that's pretty cracky. But man, they made it work.

If they ever do a cartoon or a musical, I have faith it'll work too. I never thought a puppet could work on Angel and look how that turned out!

So I guess we'll have to see!

*keeps hoping for a Season 7 anyway*
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