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Early Mother's Day

Maybe I'll get around to posting my SPN thoughts soon. I still need to finish some stuff up for people since I promised.

But first, I wanted to share the meal I made for my mom for mother's day. I'm not the world's most fantastic cook, but I thought I'd give her a break.

So this is my attempt at making Pad Thai. Not as good or visually appealing as a restaurant, but getting Thai around here is HARD. So this had to do. It's a picture of my plate, so it's not quite as nice looking, and you so didn't see those extra crushed peanuts on here...

And just for a random moment, tis the season! Every year we get an explosion of violets. This year has been the most spectacular so far. This picture is just a small portion of our yard. We have pockets of them everywhere, not counting the little strays or tiny clusters.

I guess I should be productive or something...

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