Working for the Mandroid (moonshayde) wrote,
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The Rock of Me

Splurged and bought Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection by Def Leppard.


I've been influenced by music all my life, and there are certain roots that will always be with me. I can't deny that I've been influenced by country (my dad) or some disco (my mom). Then you have those moments that surprise you, like when you're showing your father your ipod and he instantly starts searching for classic rock. (I knew he liked some bands, but didn't know he liked it that much - I guess this explains a lot.)

But my formative years are the time I really could explore my own styles and tastes. I was tied to top 40 radio, so I didn't know much else, but I still could find my way during that time. My later formative years didn't impact me as much as my early ones, but I still look back fondly at it all. I'd go listen to Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet at a friend's house, and some Beasty Boys and Def Leppard at my neighbor's next door.

As I've say before, I'm a musical eclectic mix. I listen to everything from classical to hip-hop, to country to rock. I just favor some genres more than others.

So Def Leppard.

I popped in the first disc and what a treat. Lots of big hits we just know, whether you were a music listener during that time or not. Songs like Foolin' and Photograph were released when I was 5, so there was no way I was listening to that on my own back then, but the radio stations played them enough in the late 80s for me to be exposed. (And I love Foolin'.) Songs like Love Bites and Pour Some Sugar on Me were huge hits from when I was first exposed to them, but it's songs like Armageddon It and Rocket that bring back the memories. Those were not as big as the others, so for me they are more closely associated with that time. I remember loving those songs. There are songs from later albums as well, like Two Steps Behind, which I totally forgot about, but which is a beautiful acoustic ballad.

My neighbor and I used to write our names and our band name (yeah band, hahaha) in Def Leppard style.

That was such an intense time of my life when I was settling into what music defined me, and though I love to write and have been since I was little, music has always been the lifeblood behind whatever I do write. So whenever I have the time to take a trip down memory lane, it's great treat. I get so nostalgic.

No matter what I listen to, I'll always be a rocker :)
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