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Finished Twin Peaks

I've been meaning to check out this show for a very, very long time as it's been recommended to me by several people. I finally - think years - decided to watch.

After a slow start, I wasn't disappointed.

Honestly, I didn't really like how it began. I didn't get why everyone in town would burst into tears of hysterics over the death of Laura Palmer. Now, I get small town. I grew up in a small town for a while when I was younger. It was just weird to me. In fact, I found most of the characters unrelatable. However, after a while I did warm up to many of the characters, and by season 2 I was invested in the main character, Dale Cooper.

I'm of two minds. I didn't start to really enjoy the show until the very end of S1/beginning of S2. At the same time, S2 brought in a lot of elements I *didn't* like, kinda of like what Dark Angel did for a while. (Though this wasn't nearly as bad.) I found the characters more likeable in S2, but the overall story hurt once Laura's killer was found. I didn't feel that S2 picked up until the last few episodes of the season.

I found the strongest element of this series was the dark, weird supernatural undercurrent throughout the plot. I was invested whenever they talked about BOB, the mysteries in the woods, the Red Room, and the Black and White Lodges. I liked the mysteries around the owls, the Giant, etc. I liked characters like Cooper, Truman, Hawk, Andy, Lucy, and Norma, whom I found likeable. And even some of the odd characters like the Log Lady and eventually Major Briggs, and some of the not so sympathetic characters like Catherine. But many characters I didn't like, such as Donna or Josie or James and Bobby. But I hear that usually is the case with David Lynch characters.

Anyway, the finale was killer and it will have me thinking for a while. I look forward to watching the movie, which I know is somehow both a prequel and in some ways an epilogue. Even if the movie ends up being blah, I can say I enjoyed watching the series and I will probably watch it again some day.
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