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Book Review: Fallen

This book was recommended to me so I thought I would give it a try. It deals with fallen angels, reincarnation, and the possible end of times. Sounds like it was made for me, right?


The book wasn't bad, and I knew the type of book it was before reading it. The story is YA and a romance, so it already has a certain type of formula and use of tropes. Still, I couldn't help but feel disappointed. As a romance, I know that the relationship takes center stage and everything else is background. The problem is the background story was far more interesting to me than the relationship. I wanted to know more about the angels, the coming war, and the curse. There was so much rich history that was brushed aside with the excuse if the main character knows too much she'll die. The book felt like more of a set up for the rest of the series.

Maybe I am just incompatible with YA these days. Particularly, YA romance. I read and enjoyed Harry Potter just fine. As much as I love romance in the fantasy I read, I get bored of a teen female protagonist pining over two different guys and being a flake. Granted, I didn't think Luce was as bad as some other YA protags I've read, but I never really latched onto her. I also don't get the fascination with bad boys who are jerks. Daniel turned out okay, and I love a bad boy with a golden heart any day, but it seems like every book has this trope these days. Maybe I am guilty of it myself. I don't know.

The first half of the book moved slow. I had a hard time caring and put the book down several times.

It's certainly not the worst book I've read. The book picked up in its second half. The action started to happen, and characters started to reveal their true natures. If the following books pick up the pace and have Luce become a more active character, many of my complaints will disappear. But it being a YA romance, I'm sure there will be more love triangles.

I'm on the fence on whether I'll read any more, but overall the book is decent if you're looking for something to read.
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