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Reached the Limit

Yes, I officially reached my limit. Maybe I shouldn't post this or make any decisions when I'm having a bad day, but it doesn't seem to be stopping me!

I always bend my schedule around for everyone else. I'm a people pleaser and I like to be accommodating. Unfortunately, this often leads to people just assuming I am there at their every whim and it results in me becoming frustrated and resentful.

No more. I am going to plan my day and if it clashes with someone else's plans, then they are going to have to shuffle their schedule. Maybe that is selfish of me, but at this point I need to take some of my time back. I'm sleeping awful, eating awful, and miserable all the time. Besides, I'm called selfish no matter what I do, so who cares right?

If people really do care, they'll be considerate enough to work with me instead of assuming I'm always available. If not...I guess I'll find out.
Tags: life

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