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Supernatural Meme

I haven't done one in so long! I need to do one.

1. Deangirl or Samgirl?
DEANGIRL,OMG! I don't hate Sam, though.

2. Casgirl, yes or no?
Yes. I love Cas. I love Cas and Dean friendship, yay!

3. Favorite season?
Season 2

4. Favorite epidsode(s) from your favorite season?
In My Time of Dying, Crossroad Blues, Houses of the Holy, Nightshifter, What Is and What Never Should Be, All Hell Breaks Loose (1 and 2)

5. Season you're most likely to re-watch?
1 and 2

6. Season you hate the most?
Season 5

7. Favorite episode of the current season?
Oooh. Um. I adored Time After Time. (They worked on the same case in different times. Dean wanted to go home. Sam wanted Dean back. So lovely!) I also loved Defending Your Life because we got Jo back and my shippy Dean/Jo heart went aflutter. And I enjoyed Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie.

Episodes like Death's Door were amazing, but made me very very sad.

8. Least favorite episode from the current season?
Shut Up, Dr. Phil

9. Favorite angel?

10. Least favorite angel?

11. Favorite demon?
YED and Meg

12. Least favorite demon?
I actually think it's Lilith. I liked crazy-kid Lilith, but adult Lilith? Meh.

13. Favorite one-episode character?

14. Sam's hair looked best in which season?
Sam had the bestest hair in S2 and part of S3. Come back, nice hair! Come back!

15. If the show would have ended the way Kripke wanted it to, with Sam and Dean battling each other and jumping into the hole together (and God might show mercy on them, idk), would you have preferred that?

Is this true? I thought Kripke hadn't shared the way he wanted to end the show? I read that somewhere from the current TPTB.

If it's true, I would probably feel the same about that ending as the one we got. Both are bittersweet, but this one emphasizes the brothers together, even if in Hell, so maybe this one. I don't expect a happy ending for this show anyway.

16. Best cast character throughout the whole show?
All of them

17. Do you think Chuck is God?
I think he is.

18. Who's a hotter psychic, Patrica Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sam?
Sam hands down, right?

19. Freedom or Peace?

20. Dimples, freckles, eye-crinkles, bowlegs, bangs, woobie frowns or jaw clinches?
What? Boys are just pretty, period, either way.

21. Favorite kind of monster?
I usually go with werewolves but this show ruined werewolves, so demon. Well, it was demon until Dean made vampires hot, so now I am torn.

22. Weapon of choice?
The Colt

23. Favorite death?
Dean's deaths, especially when he as dying in In My Time of Dying.

24. Favorite minor recurring character's death?
It's a tie. Ellen and Jo. (ARGH, miss them!) And Bobby. Oh Bobby :(

25. Pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic?
Pre and post apocalyptic

26. Scariest episode?
Crossroad Blues disturbs me.

27. Best song that mattered for a scene? (you can't choose Carry on Wayward Son)
No fair. I can't pick one. Don't Fear the Reaper for Faith, probably. I love that scene.

28. Best and worst young versions of characters?
Colin Ford for the Best wee!Sam. I didn't like Brock Kelly's Dean very much, but it wasn't horrible.

29. Characters I ship like crazy?
Mary/John. Bobby/Ellen or Bobby/Sheriff Mills. And of course, Dean/Jo. I still love them like whoa. Proudly :)

30. Favorite female character?
So hard! Um...probably Ellen.

31. Best and worst season intro and finale?
Best Opening - Season 4
Worst Opening - Season 6 (it started off cool and then fizzled out.)
Best Finale - Season 1
Worst Finale - Season 4 or Season 6
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