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Initial Thoughts on Supernatural's "Reading is Fundemental"

Perfectly in character that Sam would forgive Castiel before Dean would. I hope Dean and Cas do reconcile soon, though :( I miss my Dean and Cas!

Poor Cas is crazy!

I don't like that Meg has her meat hooks in Cas. Run, Cas! Run!

I wish the new angels hadn't been taken care of so soon. Hestor looked tough.

Poor Kevin. That kid was freaked. I love how Sam and Dean helped him out in their own unique way.

The Sorry Game: OMG. See, this is why I love Edlund. Things like when Cas says "You go first." and Dean says "You're just playing sorry." These statements are so, so weighted and complex, all under the guide of a sorry game. Both Cas and Dean are hurt in ways that are simultaneously right and wrong. Each is justified in their feelings. Cas feels Dean wronged him, while carrying the guilt of all that he's done. Dean is still hurt, and feels that Cas needs to face the consequences of what he's done. Both are having trouble moving past that, aside from moments of extreme stress and need, because they each need the other to acknowledge it. At the same time, it's obvious they still care for each other. Gut wrenching! I hope they can find a way to forgive each other. I miss Dean and Cas' friendship almost as much as I had missed the bond between Sam and Dean during their rough patches.

They need the bone of a righteous man? Who is that? Do the brothers know anyone who is righteous where they could take a bone? I mean it's a bone, for cryin' out loud. They don't have much cast left. Could it be one of the brothers? I hope it's Dean. The Winchesters need a link to this whole Leviathan thing and picking someone random wouldn't have the same impact. He's been labeled a righteous man before, but Dean kinda needs his bones. I don't know what they'll decide to do.

I loved how every time Dean hit the hardened clay, the storm intensified. That was so well done. As much as I love this show, why can't they do more of this? It would help the show out so much if they sprinkled some of these plotty, forward-momentum building eps throughout the season.

I also loved the whole Metatron references. It made me feel really weird and uncomfortable, though. About 3 years ago I had written dialogue similar to that entire exchange for one of my wing!fic stories in the Playing the Angel series. It was meant for a story coming after the one I have been working on before. It's been taking me so long to work on this because of a lot of personal drama going on at home these past couple of years. But I keep a file on all my ideas and the bits of dialogue I created. So when there was that scene in tonight's episode, I think i stared in shock for a while at the TV screen. Why does this keep happening to ME?!

Anyway, I reversed the Sam and Dean parts. The show writers know better than me, so I will differ to their wisdom. When I finish writing that fic, I'll switch the roles to reflect the show. This is how my exchange goes:

Castiel: "You need to find Metatron."

Dean: "A Transformer?"

"Dude, Metatron, not Megatron," Sam said with a sigh.

All in all, I really enjoyed the episode and next week's looks killer. So excited!
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