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End of an Era

It's official. The website is completely dismantled now. Any fic that can't be found here or elsewhere on the web, just contact me and I'll see if I still have it. I'm sure there are deadlinks on LJ. I will get to those when I can. I believe this mainly impacts my SG-1 fic, but there might be other stuff missing as well.

Thanks to everyone who supported my fansite by visiting it all these years. I know it hasn't worked properly in ages. It was time to finally just take the whole thing down. I still have some fanfic to finish here on my LJ-which I have been saying for like 2 years now and it hasn't happened yet, but that is what happened when real life gets hectic--and some art, so LJ will serve those needs. As for as websites go, I really need to be focusing on my site for my published works.

If I can get my act together soon, I hope to be posting again. I hope all is well with everyone and take care.
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