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A Year in Review

I wish I had more to report on the review front, but sadly it has been a very difficult year. I am hoping that 2013 has brighter days ahead.

The Recap

I started off the year in a tough place. My dog of 12 years passed away rather suddenly and it broke our hearts. Our other dog was upset by the absence, too. A few months later, we decide to get a puppy. We knew that getting and raising a puppy would be hard, but it would be one of those things that would pay off in the end. Puppy, whom I call Little Miss, has proven to have a difficult personality. She's much better now, but is still a Work in Progress.

Financially, 2012 has been very hard, and I don't expect 2013 to be much better on that front. I'll have to make more cuts. I don't know what they are yet.

Creatively, I also hit an impasse in 2012. With so much of my time and effort focused on my family, I have had little time for myself, my health, or my hobbies. My fanfic series is languishing in limbo, and my own original fic pursuits have been stagnant. This is an area that vitally has to change going forward.

I didn't get to see my friends much in 2012, both online and off, which has been a low for me.

The good news is that despite all of this, I did have a couple of short stories published in different anthologies in 2012. I need to keep it going as we enter into the New Year.

I'd like very much to stay here, even if I post only occasionally. I know most people have moved on. I'm also guilty of using other services to communicate under my penname. But for those of you who are staying, I would be happy to have you.
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