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Supernatural Season 11: Spoilers, Speculations, and What?

Yeah, no longer spoiler free for this show. When you get to Season 11, you just go with it.

Long-ish post ahead. I know! Crazy.

I'll post a more personal post later, but if anyone still watches this show and isn't spoiler-free, this is what I know so far:

The Spoilers

  • The Darkness is Pre-Biblical (and I assume pre-angel, save for archangels) so Castiel doesn't know much about it

  • Castiel can't shake the attack dog spell

  • Crowley is alive (not much of a shocker LOL)

  • No direct consequence for Dean killing Death

  • Sam prays to God for help

  • Baby gets an episode

  • Jared is filming a car-wash scene?

  • Rowena is out there somewhere

  • We'll see some old faces

  • Lizzie Borden episode

  • The Mark has left an imprint on Dean, but he is not affected or drawn to The Darkness.

  • Sam has visions (???)

The Speculation (mine and other)

  1. Curious to see how they handle the Darkness. They are casting for a young woman to play a sinister role - shocker - so I assume she might be the embodiment of the Darkness. Don't know.

  2. Castiel's arc looks like he's going to be fighting what Rowena did to him. I don't know how long it lasts or what will happen, but I hope the Winchesters help him. They aren't always so kind to him.

  3. Crowley is alive. No clue what role he'll take, but I'm hoping the Darkness is so bad, that they form an uneasy alliance. That is where Crowley shines.

  4. Not surprised but disappointed there will be no direct consequence for Dean killing Death. He won't be the new Death or anything, and there's no bounty on his head for what he did. However, it will break the natural order of things.

  5. Sam is so overwhelmed and feels to blame that he turns to God for help through prayer. This is nice because we haven't seen that side of Sam much in the later seasons. He was always framed as the religious one until Dean started praying to angels (Cas) all the time.

  6. I think it's cool that Baby gets an episode. Supposedly the whole episode is the "pov" of the Impala. This could be really awesome or it might be boring. But I'm looking forward to seeing an episode through the eyes of the true star of the show. Of course, this also opens the possibility of reusing old clips, which if they do, I hope it's done sparingly.

  7. Car-wash scene? Okay, well if they are giving us eye-candy, better make it worth it!

  8. Don't know much or have heard much about Rowena, aside from a picture of her wearing a blonde wig. Incognito? I wonder if Sam and Dean need to go after her for help.

  9. Supposedly there is a tease about old faces. I am assuming these are through Sam's visions and/or memories.

  10. Lizzie Borden, finally! I am so excited to see how they handle this. Don't know much aside from her ghost is still around and had decided to take up murder full-time.

  11. The Mark and Dean. As much as I wanted a cool supernatural arc for Dean since the very beginning, I am glad this is done. Watching a season and a half of not!Dean was really not that fun, even if I really enjoyed last season. Dean's humor, sarcasm, and childlike antics are fun, and to lose so much of that took away some enjoyment for me. Why can't he have a super cool arc and still be fun? Anyway, sounds like he won't be attracted to the Darkness or won't have this pull towards it, but like any experience, changed him. Sounds like maybe some after effects like how Purgatory gave him PTSD? To be honest, sounds supciously like some more guilt to me.

  12. The one that took me by surprise is that Sam has visions. Jared said that Sam develops visions and he's not sure where they are coming from or whether they are actually his memories or something else. That sounds really intriguing and I'm not sure where they are going with it. Could it be his connection to Lucifer? Could they be a result of his prayer to God? I'll admit that I was bummed that there doesn't seem to be anything for Dean to do - I really hate that one year is a Sam story, the next year is a Dean story, etc etc. - but then I read the latest spoiler and I am confused:

Per Jared: "Sam and Dean are both struggling with the idea that they don’t always know what’s real and what’s not and they’re both having visions of sorts, or they both think they’re having visions."

So is it just Sam or are Sam AND Dean having visions? (If they are visions at all.) I'd heard quite a bit about Sam having visions this season from multiple interviews. This is the first time I've heard Dean included in there as well. I'm excited for Sam to have visions, and I hope it's a good arc for him. I just hope they give Dean something, too. Please give him a good storyline too! But could they both have visions or a messed up reality? That would be so so cool. How neat would it be to have them both questioning things at the same time, maybe getting "visions" from the same or different sources, and seeing how they react to it in different ways? You know, without the constant brother against brother, hating thing? What if they both experience something but decide to unite in fighting it together, commit to being stronger together, and getting rid of the Darkness? That would deviate from the tired: something wrong with Sam, Dean stresses and tries to fix it, and the lesser used, something is wrong with Dean, Sam stresses and tries to fix it. Or the contrived issues created to drive a wedge between the brothers. No one likes those. I think most fans just want the stories to make sense. Since Sam and Dean have different personalities, it would be interesting to see how they handle a similar problem without wanting to kill each other LOL.

It would be new. It would be interesting. It would make Sam and Dean fans happy.  You can do conflict in so many ways!

Jared, you better not have gotten me excited for nothing!

Also interesting is the new poster, which include the tagline for this season: Between darkness and deliverence. Note the poster itself with each character doubled, one normal, the other dark/pained. Very intriguing. Thoughts?

Other comments

Jensen said this season is alot like Season 1 or Season 2. (Yay!)
Jared said this season is a lot like Season 4 or Season 5 (Yay?)

(Side note: I amused over the fact they have totally different interpretations of this LOL. My take: They will be united against a common enemy with a common goal: Season 1 and Season 2, finding the demon that killed Mary (and John). But they also are fighting something epic in size, much bigger than themselves: Season 4 and Season 5: The Apocalypse. )

Jared has mentioned there is a chance that we could see God.

Jared (and maybe Jensen) said that the season could delve into the connection Sam and Dean have as vessels to Lucifer and Michael (would make sense)

When asked if Lucifer would appear this season, TPTB got cagey.

Jensen told The Walking Dead to watch out, so I assume he means we're getting zombies.

So that's it. I've watched the promo and was like whooooa. I am super excited this season even more so than last season, which I generally enjoyed. (TBH, I really hated S9, so these moves sound like they are in the right direction.) I'm bracing myself for disappointment, but these are the best spoilers I've read in a long time.

Bring on Season 11!

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