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Fic: Echoes of Autumn (Complete)

Hi! All done! Woohoo!

I am posting my story here and on a list first before I start archiving it and such. But it's all set to read. Any errors that might have slipped under my radar I take full responsiblity for. (Who else would anyway?)

This is a Jack fic, Gen, and takes place in Season 8 after the episode "Endgame" but before "Gemini." It's long and I am told it's considered novel length by internet standards, but it is shorter than Duality and Fragments. Though it's through Jack's pov, there is Jack and Daniel friendship throughout the whole thing, and of course there is the "Team."

Many thanks to Meg for dealing with my evilness.

For those interested, I have added the link. I hope you enjoy!

Echoes of Autumn
Tags: fic: sg-1/sga gen

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